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Altar Guild

 Chairperson: Marilyn South

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The beauty of God’s altar, lovingly tended by altar guild members day after day, across the church, gives us glimpses of that same joy for which we were created. The joy of God. It is easy to forget in your day to day duties, but to be on the altar guild is to be part of something big. You help us know the beauty and joy of God that keeps us going, that keeps us loving and serving, until we see face to face.
The Rt. Rev. Henry Nutt Parsley, Jr., Bishop of Alabama.


At  Christ Church Parish the Altar Guild welcomes all church members who would like to share in the pleasure of enhancing the love, beauty and joy of our church through our worship services.  Currently, we have six teams which support each other to ensure that each service meets the needs of our Priest and church family.  

Click on the link for the 2022 Altar Guild Schedule: Altar_Guild_Schedule_2024_12.28.2023.pdf