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Elephant Committee


The Elephant in the room? “Our congregation is shrinking in numbers”! In discussing problems with balancing our budget, we all acknowledge that more members would provide the additional revenue that we sorely need. To maintain our facilities, there are very few of us that can (or should) be on a ladder or able to crawl into tight spaces to fix something. To participate in the Oyster Festival, we acknowledge that there are very few of us to work the many positions required for setting up the booth, cooking and selling the food, and then cleaning up afterward. And on Sunday mornings, at least at the 1030 service, it’s quite lonely with only 30-some people in attendance, half of whom are supporting or taking part in the service. And the list could go on. This ‘shrinking in numbers” is our “Elephant in the Room” that needs to be corralled as it is overshadowing all that we do.

The purpose of the Elephant Committee is to “corral this elephant” by studying this situation and developing strategies for our church that will promote growth in our parish. Since most of us are complaining about the situation, many of us are probably willing to help.


Ann de Peyster, Vestry Liaison

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Alyson Holt

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Mary Lynn Landgraf

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 Jeff Loustaunau, Chair

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