Episcopal Diocese of Virginia
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About Us

We are an Episcopal Church with a proud past, a joy-filled present, and an exciting future!
  • a parish (church family of faith and faith-seekers) of the Episcopal Church,
  • a branch of the worldwide Anglican Communion (a family of national churches tracing their history to the Church of England)
  • a part of the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church (our worship style & theology draw on our "catholic" heritage while our governmental style and vision is "protestant" or "reformed.")
Our faith is rooted in:
+   the "Good News of Jesus Christ" and the Holy Bible,
+   the historic witness of the Church through the ages,
+   and the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. 
We have been witnessing to Jesus Christ and proclaiming the "Good News of the Gospel" in this special "vineyard" we call "home" since 1666 when English colonists who were members of the Church of England in the Virginia Colony officially established the parish. Our cemetery and church building contain memorials and the earthly remains of many colonial notables. Our present brick "new building" was erected 1712-1714 on the exact site of the 1666 wooden building. Thus, when one steps into Christ Church, one steps into an authentic piece of history. But, more importantly, one steps into a faithful, joy-filled contemporary congregation of "real folk" building our lives here and now in a faith that we believe has much to say about the here and now: a living faith! Our "tree of faith" is rooted in centuries of the historic church all the way back to the Apostles: our tree body is the reformed catholic faith molded at the time of the Reformation in the Church of England; and our leafs are the blossoms of the present as seen in our present parish life.