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Christ Church Cemetery Resources and History

The best source for early burials (many not at Christ Church itself) is the registry of marriages, baptisms and burial services, 
especially the edited version by the late Craig M. Kilby: Christ Church Parish Register, Middlesex County, Virginia, 1651-1821: An Interpretive Reconstruction, New Papyrus Publishing, Athens, GA, 2014.   An internet search for copies of this should lead you to several ways to find this, including libraries and quite possibly used or even new copies available for purchase.  One copy of this resource is also kept at Christ Church Parish and may be consulted by prior arrangement.

The Known Graves 1653-1812 or Registry page here is not Kilby's edited version.  The website Register is not as complete or as accurate as the Kilby version. 

The book addresses burials spanning from 1650-1821.  Unfortunately, very few early burials are actually in the present Christ Church graveyard.  Researchers seem to think they all are there.  Over the years the church lost track of various burials that were later re-discovered during repairs and renovations.  Most of the pre-1840 graves are now unknown.