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Ushers Schedule & Information

Our gratitute to Barbara Cockrell for agreeing to be our newest 10:30 usher coordinator.

Christ Church Parish 2024 Ushers Schedule

PLEASE NOTE:  10:30 schedule has been updated as of 6-4-2024

  8:00 Service   10:30 Service 
Month Names Phone Number   Names  Phone Number 
January Gordon White  (804) 695-4628  

1/21/24: Pat and Roland Anderson

1/28/24  Lydia Dudley and Betsy Evans

February John Quilter  (804)-347-0763  

Dave South

Chris Jones

(804) 776-6983

(804) 445-5108


Jeff Shaw

Barbara Shaw

 (804) 758-1028  

Susie Loustaunau

Jeff Loustaunau*

*sub for videographer Jeff on March 17 is Dave South; sub on March 31 is Kathy Clarke.

Maundy Thursday, 7 pm ushers are Kathy Clarke and Bill Snider

(207) 469-8454

(207) 802-1282



Gari Sullivan  (804) 776-9280  

Karen Brown

Phil Brown

(703) 472-3470

(804) 928-1326

 May Need Volunteers*    

May 5th & 12th

Pat & Roland Anderson

May 19th

Virginia Miller and Betsy Evans

May 26th

Scott Holt & Ann Padgett



June Jim Hill  (804) 694-7394  

June, 2024

June 2 - John Hawkins & Tom Clarke

June 9 – John Jawkins & Dave South

June 16 – Betsy Evans & Virginia Miller

June 23 – John Hawkins & Karen Brown

Ju 30 – Jack Hellems & Bill Snider


July Need Volunteers*  

 July 7th - Susie Loustanou  and Scott Holt

July 14th  - Ann Padgett and Karen Brown

July 21st - Virginia Miller and Betsy Evans

July 28th - Jack Hellems  and John Hawkins

August Don Harris  (804) 758-4090  

 3rd Sunday (August 17) Virginia Miller and Betsy Evans

Seeking volunteers for other August services



September Need Volunteers*    

 Betsy Evans

 (540) 809-2473
October Need Volunteers*    




November Need Volunteers*    

 Kathy Clarke

Tom Clarke


(804) 461-8366

(804) 466-0678


Jody Anglin

Cean Cawthorn

 (804) 758-1620

(804) 775-9903




Ushers:   If you have committed to dates and find later you cannot fulfill a commitment you are are normally expected to first try to find a substitute.   If you simply cannot find a substitute then please notify John Quilter (8:00 usher coordinator) or Barbara Cockrell (10:30 usher coordinator) well in advance.   Thank you for your very important service to our parish!

Usher's Duties


Handling Medical Emergencies